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Blue Hill Farms

Kim Hamilton- 805-284-5881

 Ventura, California

Nestled in a frost hollow in the foothills of Ventura, California, Blue Hill Farms is the embodiment of owner Kim Hamilton’s dream of creating a beautiful and bountiful, self-sustaining family farm.  Kim currently focuses on intensive organic farming, growing lavender and herbs, and breeding quality pygmy goats and heirloom poultry. Kim is a teacher at heart and loves to share her experience and knowledge with others—both informally and through her classes on organic gardening and the fine art of poultry keeping.   Kim has taken the farm mobile with Partianimalz.org  offering a petting farm party for any occasion, and for educational venues. Visit us on Facebook too!  You can see what Kim is up to on her blog: bluehillfarms.wordpress.com.

What We Do


Own root roses are cuttings that are grown on their own roots. Once established in the garden they are much hardier then their grafted counterparts, and have an increase in vigorous growth and bloom, and a much longer life expectancy than grafted roses.

Pygmy Goats

Kim Hamilton has been breeding, raising, and showing goats for over twenty years. She currently keeps a select herd of Cameroon African Pygmy Goats bred from champion lines.


We breed and raise a variety of quality poultry breeds (including several rare heritage breeds). We currently keep Barred Rocks, Coco Marans, Speckled Sussex, Mille Fleur D’uccles, Silkies, Spitahaubens, Japanese and more. Check out the Now Available page to see what we have right now. Organic chicken and duck eggs are available by the dozen.