We breed and raise a variety of quality poultry breeds (including several rare heritage breeds). We currently keep Barred Rocks, Coco Marans, Speckled Sussex, Mille Fleur D’uccles, Silkies, Spitahaubens, Japanese and more. Check out the Now Available page to see what we have right now.
Organic chicken and duck eggs are available by the dozen.

Marans originated in France, and is a heavy bodied, feather legged breed. This is a very docile, calm tempered breed that moves about slowly around the yard, and nothing really seems to bother them. The hens mature slowly, but reach 6-7 lbs, the roosters can get up to 8 lbs. The plumage is cuckoo, each feather marked across with a black and white band, although not as distinct as a barring. They have a single comb.They are fair producers of very large size eggs, but the real draw to the breed is the extremely dark brown or chocolate color of the shells. Read more about this breed on Kim’s blog.

The Speckled Sussex is one of our favorite all around breeds. They originated in Sussex County, England. They are truly a wonderful dual purpose type, by not only being fantastic egg layers, but also good producers of meat for the table. We find them to be one of the most productive breeds of poultry on the farm.They are attractive, docile, friendly, curious, bear confinement well, lay medium to large size cream to light brown eggs, and the hens will go broody and raise their own chicks. The hens start to lay at 24-26 weeks of age. They reach about 7 lbs, and the roosters grown to 9 lbs. The skin is white and so are the feet and shanks, the comb is single.
Body feathers are a dark mahogany brown, most tipped with a v-shaped white spangle, although they do not get their true markings until they are about a year old.

The Silver Spangled Spitzhauben, also called the Appenzeller Spitzhauben, originated in Switzerland and the breed is not yet recognized here in our American Standard of Perfection. Although small (4 lbs) the hens are very efficient producers of large white eggs and rarely go broody. The males reach 5 1/2 lbs when mature. They are beautiful birds, having white feathers with black spangles on the tips and slate colored shanks and feet. They have strong cavernous nostrils, a small horn type comb, and a small to medium size crest, each being unique in appearance. This breed is active, talkative, and can be a bit flighty, so I usually do not recommend them for first time poultry keepers. The June/July issue of Organic Gardening featured a Spitzhauben pullet on the cover and an article on backyard chickens!

Sex-links, also called Comets or Stars, come in Black, Brown, Gold, and Red. They mature quickly, and I have heard of hens producing at 18 weeks of age. The hens reach 5 1/2 lbs, have excellent livability, are calm in nature, and are very efficient producers of large light brown eggs. The breed is a cross between a Rhode Island Red Rooster and either a White Plymouth Rock, Barred Plymouth Rock, Rhode Island White, or Delaware hen. This is a great bird to start out with if you are a newcomer to poultry!